Bobby Bright takes deportment lessons from Alan Grayson.

Apparently, Bright thinks that the best way to avoid answering the question Are you going to vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker next year? is to make a joke about how she might die before then*.  As Andrew Malcolm noted in that article, this would be a firestorm if a Republican had said it; Jim Geraghty noted in his Morning Jolt that Bright also avoided the question like a cowardly little suckweasel (I paraphrase).  Heck, even Greg Sargent is unhappy: which means with any luck that so will the rest of the Left.

But why is anybody actually surprised?  As the title suggests, language like this by Democrats is perfectly acceptable when it’s directed against Republicans, particularly female ones; Bright’s error was that he assumed that similar language could be directed against anyone that stands between him and re-election.  Which these days certainly includes Nancy Pelosi.  I don’t wish for Madame Speaker’s death, obviously; but I do find it disingenuous when folks on the Left get surprised when chickens come home… to roost.

I don’t really know what the solution is, here… except to vote for Martha Roby, of course.

Moe Lane

*I wasn’t aware that Bobby Bright knew anything about the Sufis, by the way.  Bit of a surprise, really: Democrats tend towards overspecialization in their knowledge base.


  • I’m not wishing for Nancy Pelosi’s death. I’m a more fair-minded person than that. After all, there’s a CHANCE she might survive the asteroid impact triggering the volcano eruption and firestorm in DC as the city riots over the sudden shortage of crack due to the sagging economy…

  • Rob Crawford says:

    “Bit of a surprise, really: Democrats tend towards overspecialization in their knowledge base.”

    “Over specialization” is an understatement. From what I can tell, “racist” is about 90% of their vocabulary.

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