#rsrh Minute Sixteen Watch, 8/29/2010.

This one comes from that former GEICO twerp Lance Baxter, who apparently is now spending his life building little apartment shrines to Tabitha of Freedomworks (and RedState).  I swear to God; why can’t unhinged left-extremists look for dates inside their own demographic? …Yes, there is the potential for a plethora of cheap shots, there; but I’m still tired of seeing fringe lunatics from the Other Side use political commentary as an excuse to express their sexual neuroses.

Knowing Tabitha, and now that I’ve actually seen Baxter, I assume that this will all end in tears.  The special kind of tears that result when you get a dose of pepper spray, right in the eyes.

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  • Pamela says:

    wasp repellent has a longer spray range if Tabitha needs an equalizer in dealing with pondscum

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