#rsrh Today’s straight line…

…comes to us, courtesy of Slate’s John Dickerson.  He’s (very gingerly) writing about how President Obama’s now learning that, hey, maybe it was easier to criticize President Bush than it is to do a better job than him – no, really – and in the process Dickerson lets off this line:

As he benefits from policies he once opposed—such as the surge in Iraq, which helped make tomorrow’s speech possible—Obama proves that even a smart politician with the best of intentions can be wrong.

Indeed.  And if one of those can be wrong, imagine how badly our current President can screw things up.

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Moe Lane

(H/T: AoSHQ)

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  • dwander says:

    Isn’t it much easier to criticize those that actually attempt to accomplish something then to put yourself on the front line and seek to do something as well?

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