#rsrh Maddow would be tolerable.

On Jim Geraghty’s list: Rachel Maddow would be tolerable, and she almost certainly has pre-MSNBC conservative friends that she quietly keeps; she probably also is the one that gets along best with non-liberal family members.  Keith Olbermann is too crippled by his overwhelming need to prove that he’s relevant and a Smart Guy; he’s got a honking big inferiority complex over the cow college thing and the starting in sports journalism thing, and it shows.  The talking head… does not allow itself to engage in higher cognitive processes; its interior life is restricted to tingles up legs and lashing out in frustrated projection whenever a negative stimulus (usually some variant of THAT WOMAN, these days) is presented to it.  And Ed Schultz?  That’s easy: nobody likes him.  MSNBC only keeps him around because they figure that having one of their TV personalities die on-screen one day from a self-inflicted coronary will boost the ratings.

Which might even work, at that.