#rsrh November’s scaring people again.

Jim Geraghty and Glenn Reynolds have done an admirable job of rolling their eyes at this doesn’t-really-get-it WaPo op-ed by ‘democratic socialist’ [read: ‘Commie’] Harold Meyerson, so I’ll restrict myself to this nugget of nonsense:

In an April speech at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, [noted apologist for murder Dick] Trumka affirmed that “working people are right to be mad at what has happened to our economy and our country.” Our political leaders, he continued, need to validate that anger — and remedy its causes — if they are to keep that anger from turning into racial, religious and homophobic hatred.

Yes. Yes, of course. When I’m infuriated at the way that this Congress and President have mucked up the economy, my default reaction will be to go out with pitchforks and torches to go looking for black, Muslim*, and gay people to beat up.  I need to be protected from that inevitable scenario by enlightened Commies** like Meyerson***, because of course I can’t be trusted to work out on my own who to properly blame.

Or is he worried that I will know who to properly blame, and that my first reaction to meeting the aforementioned black, Muslim, and/or gay person will be to give them a torch and a pitchfork and invite them to come along?  And that a nontrivial percentage of same will accept the invitation?  One wonders.

Moe Lane

*Let’s not pretend that when the guy said ‘religious’ he was talking about Episcopalians or Shintoists.

**Have I mentioned lately that Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people?  Yes?  Oh.  Well, Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people.  It never hurts to repeat that.

Disagree?  Fine.  Create a Marxist country that can feed itself without help.

***You wonder if the man suffered actual physical damage at the strain of not writing out ‘voting their class interest.’  Something that I don’t have to worry about: because at this rate, the working class will be voting their class interests in November.  The problem for that the Democrats is that, this go-round, that particular statement is semantically equivalent to ‘voting for Republicans.’

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  1. Voting my class interest means voting in the primary for the Republican who stays closest to the Constitution and then voting in the General for the Republican who survives the Primary. Repeat until we either have elected constitutionalist Republicans or until we give up, blow up the Republican party and replace it with some new version, as the Republicans replaced the Whigs.

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