Rick Scott (R CAND, FL-GOV) picks Jennifer Carroll for Lt. Gov spot.

It’s a good choice on a variety of levels: Jennifer is a small businesswoman, twenty-year military veteran, state legislator, NRA member, Jeb Bush appointee… and, possibly most importantly, a Bill McCollum supporter. Jennifer was actually on Crist’s short list for a Senate appointment last year; for that matter, she was apparently even considered for the Lt. Gov position four years ago; all of which should help in the awkwardness that is the Senate and Governor’s races in Florida.  On the issues: conservative, with what appears to be on first glance no major problems.  She’s a great balance for Rick Scott, in other words, and a definite asset to the ticket.

Needless to say, the Kendrick Meek campaign despises her. and is trying to use Gov. Crist’s approval of her to shore up Meek’s liberal base in the FL-SEN election.  Alas, that’s a tactic that might work – among progressives, at least – for a very depressing reason

Moe Lane

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  • bill-tb says:

    She is a solid conservative and a great choice. She brings government experience to the ticket, to balance out Scott.

    Crist’s approval of her, can cut both ways.

    Crist is a disaster in so many ways.

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