Book of the Week: Dead or Alive.

Yes, yes, Dead or Alive is a 850 page Tom Clancy novel, and it’d probably stand to be cut down about three hundred pages because nobody wants to tell Tom Clancy that he shouldn’t write 850 page novels. Including, apparently, me, because I’m going to read the blessed thing. I’m obviously weak that way.

And so ends the reign of The High King of Montival.


  • GS says:

    I read “Teeth of the Tiger” so I suppose I’ll have to read this. Still miss the grand stories of stuff like “Sum of All Fears” and “The Bear and the Dragon”. I wasn’t crazy about Clancy’s obsession with casus belli vis a vis the Iraq war (attempting to kill H.W. wasn’t casus belli, if he wants to keep things to that type of legalistic notion?) and the goofy scenario from “Teeth” was just the natural outgrowth of that whole mindset. Yeah, Tom, I’d love it if we could just find terrorists, but unfortunately, they have a lot of friends that hide them. In the Middle East. Which is why we had to go and look for them there.

  • Phil Smith says:

    I honestly had no idea that Clancy was still writing. I thought he had taken the Garfield.

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