#rsrh Shut it down, shut it down…

…Dan Pfeiffer is the White House Communications Director – yeah, isn’t that a thankless job, these days? – and he’s a bit upset that Republicans are seriously contemplating shutting down the government next year if that’s what it takes to turn off the money spigots.  I don’t know what’s funnier: that he’s so obviously petulant at the idea that anybody might stand in the way of his boss getting another trillion dollars to put in a pile and set on fire; or that even the White House is conceding a Republican Congress next year.  After all, the idea was publicly considered absurd even a year ago, and we actually haven’t got a majority in the House.


Moe Lane

PS: If Democrats don’t want Republicans to take away their allowance, then Democrats should learn to stop spending more money than we actually have.  And, in fact, the current political environment is such that I can get away with saying that, and in precisely that tone – and complaining about it just makes the complainer look petulant and nervous.

This is how it was for us in 2006 and 2008: sucks to be on the receiving end, doesn’t it?

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