“What wonderful news! Callooh, Callay!”

“…Republican primaries conclude today!”

Well, there’s still Hawaii and the Louisiana runoffs, but the rest of them cook off today – and, given the way that the Delaware primary now resembles a duel with flamethrowers, is a very, very, very good thing. Much longer, and the conflict would wreck roughly two years’ worth of patient activist networking. As it stands, there’s been a lot of what was frankly avoidable damage done to people’s reputations and effectiveness, and it’s only gotten more Amateur Hour as the deadline looms*. If this sounds slightly irritated of me, it is: I was very much looking forward to starting tomorrow with a happy, innocent grin on my face as I contemplated all the awful things that we’re going to be doing to Democratic incumbents in November. Instead, I’m mildly worrying about what media fallout from the Delaware race is going to do to the Toomey campaign in Pennsylvania and a couple of possible pickups in New Jersey.

No, people need to think about that sort of thing when they’re participating in a national party system. Those who don’t want to consider the implications of their actions on fellow-Republicans are perfectly welcome to try to win races on their own…

Moe Lane

*If you’re wondering, Does Moe include me in that statement? – yeah, probably.


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