#rsrh David Corn is kind of… sick, isn’t he?

Sick in the head, that is. Or possibly the heart. Or, if we want to be all regressive and so forth, the soul: it’s hard to tell, because he may not be sure himself. Whatever it is, it’s doing weird things to his head.

The scenario is this: we are leading up to the November elections.  Former President Bush has politely walked off the public stage – something that the squishy Activist Left demanded he do* – and is off doing charity work and not waking up every morning being told the horrible things that visibly age our Presidents.  Vice President Cheney is recovering from serious heart surgery.  His daughter, Liz Cheney, is apparently helping her father with that.  In short, these three are dealing with, you know, their lives.  And this bothers David Corn.  How dare they not be involved in current political discussions!  How dare they not join the debate (on David Corn’s terms, of course)!  How dare they refuse to take their places in the Democrats’ panicky November narrative!

And… how dare they interfere (through their absence) with the Democrats’ attempts to avoid answering the question Are we better off now than we were four years ago?

The nerve.

Moe Lane

PS: Civilized, cultured human beings offer pro forma wishes for a full recovery to their political adversaries.  I understand that David Corn is an antiwar activist, and thus can be barely expected to refrain from jumping up and down on Cheney’s chest – but we shouldn’t encourage their hyena-like behavior.

*The mainstream Activist Left wants him arrested for war crimes; the hardcore Activist Left wants him hung.

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