#rsrh ‘Don’t get mad…’

‘…get even.’

After the across-the-board defeats in 2008, conservative pundits didn’t rail at the voters. You didn’t see the right blogosphere go after the voters as irrational (How could they elect someone so unqualified? They’ve gone bonkers!) with the venom that the left now displays. Instead, there was a healthy debate — what was wrong with the Republican Party and with the conservative movement more generally?


When things go wrong for the left, it blames the people; when things go wrong for the right, it blames the governing elites.

Jennifer Rubin’s being scary-smart, as usual; I just want to add that I don’t believe that she believes that the Democratic leadership will actually get a rush of oxygen to the brain, here.  Part of the problem of basing your self-image on being more intelligent than your opponents is that it makes you particularly resistant to admitting it when you’re being dumb.


Not that I’d know anything about that, of course.

Moe Lane

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