#rsrh Will the DNC return sex traffic money?

That’s a silly question, of course: they won’t return Craiglist’s Craig Newmark’s campaign contributions.  Neither will the DCCC… and definitely neither will Senator Barbara Boxer (D, CA).  You see, it all has to do with the way the money is used, not how it’s collected.  So what if Craig Newmark made a ridiculous amount of money by offering ad space to people who sexually exploit minorsHe gives some of that money to Democrats, and thus makes everything instantly better.  It’s like the old medieval practice of indulgences; not so much in the theory, but definitely in the practice.  And certainly the people who get the sex traffic money – like Boxer – don’t have to worry about where it came from.  The important thing is that they get it, and use it to do good.

For a given value of ‘good,’ of course.

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