I gotta admit: I’m a bit detatched, here.

Then again, I’m a political blogger for the Right.  True, I’m not a female/minority political blogger for the Right – the Online Left will do and say just about anything to shut them up – but I’ve gotten my share of politically-motivated personal attacks.  I’m not criticizing Todd Henderson for not wanting to be a target for various progressive Two Minute Hates, but neither am I really heartbroken.  Glenn’s right: you need a thick skin in this gig.

And a way to trace the death threats, of course.

Moe Lane

PS: Generally speaking, the way to engage people that react in the way that they reacted to Henderson is to… not do so.  They’re just trying to distract their opponents: so step on them in places where you have the power to step on them and ignore them utterly in places where you can’t.  Put it another way: your quarrel is with the Masters of the Hounds, not the hounds themselves.

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