#rsrh Gitmo rationing prisoners’… ice cream.

I believe that James Taranto calls this sort of thing “Bottom of the News.”

Detainees’ diets at Guantanamo Bay have been a controversial issue for some time and now the U.S. prison is said to be rationing ice cream.

The frozen dessert is allegedly being tightly measured, with only one ice cream allowed for each of its 147 detainees.

Via Hot Air Headlines.  Honestly, I mostly posted this because I need an excuse to throw out a link to Taranto: his “Best of the Web” is pretty good.  You see, I find that I can somehow handle the strain quite well of hearing that an inadequate ice cream ration is being provided to people who want to cut my head off…

Moe Lane

PS: Because decent rations is a time-honored way of getting prisoners to talk, that’s why.  Or, in this case, unlawful combatants.

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