#rsrh I need to apologize.

Recently, I compared Alan Grayson to an ex-KGB agent who was now engaged in a second career as a Mafia pimp.  I don’t know what I was thinking: the KGB tried not to hire babbling fools, and neither does the Mafia.

Incompetent babbling fools, at that.

The short version: Grayson just got caught by the papers indulging in some sloppy video editing to make it look liked Daniel Webster said the exact opposite of what he did say*.  You can see the original video here (complete with Grayson’s habitual aroma of eau de fearstink): below are Webster’s actual remarks.

As my colleague Erick Erickson just noted, Grayson’s the kind of politician who would attack his opponent’s daughter for being a thespian.  And remember: Grayson is one of the netroots’ paragons.  They’d clone this doofus, if they could.

Moe Lane

*Extra points: he’s got a female staffer to make his excuses for him.  I wonder if she had to be the one to have to explain away the ‘whore’ comment?  Did she get drunk that night, and cry a little?

No, I’m actually sympathetic.  It’s not easy to find a job, these days.  Sometimes you have to do what needs to be done, and worry about the hit to your self-respect later.


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