#rsrh QotD, Harbinger of DOOM edition.

From the WaPo, on the President’s no-doubt-temporary inability to rally the youth vote:

On Saturday, student organizers waved signs outside Camp Randall Stadium [at the University of Wisconsin] as thousands of fans filed out of the football game. The Badgers won in a rout, and the young Democrats tried to break through the excitement of the game with perhaps a more exciting announcement: “President Obama on campus Tuesday!”

Some fans gave thumbs up or yelled “Go, Obama!” Others responded disapprovingly, as in “How’s that hope and change working out for you?” Hundreds more walked past in their red-and-white gear without paying any attention.

Bolding mine: it’s nice to see the kids mock all those no-longer-trendy Democrats, but it’s even nicer to see rather more of them ignore them totally.

Moe Lane

PS: Ron Johnson for Senate; and Scott Walker for Governor.  And click the NRCC link on the side there for the House candidates.