#rsrh Amusing leftover IL tidbit.

Via QC Examiner, I noticed this entertaining nugget from yet another He’s Just Not That Into You article about progressives and the POTUS:

[Darcy] Burner said [Progressive Congress Action Fund] and other progressives are focused on helping candidates such as Ann McLane Kuster in New Hampshire, Rep. John Hall in New York, Rep. Alan Grayson in Florida, and Rep. Phil Hare in Illinois.

It turns out that I remember the name: Darcy Burner was a three-time loser resume-padder best known for being unable to topple a vulnerable West Coast Republican in 2008.  This takes skill, because the 2006 and 2008 Congressional Democratic freshman classes do not precisely overwhelm with their civic greatness: but it’s nice to see her getting work.  Particularly when it’s apparently rebounding to my side’s benefit.

No, seriously.  Look at that list:

Those people have two things in common: first, all of them are listed as Toss-Up seats.  Second, none of them were listed as such a year ago.  Hall and Hare in particular only slid off the beam quite recently.  If Burner and her PCAF are so inclined, I can give them a list of more Democrats to ‘help’…

Moe Lane

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