OK, having now done a runthrough…

…of both Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2, I can say this: they’re both very good games. DA:O is a good roleplaying game with lots of combat, and ME2 is a good combat game with a decent amount of roleplaying.  What worries me is the rumors that Dragon Age 2 is going to be drawing a lot from ME2, which would not be a good idea.  DA:O is simply better at real-time tactical manipulation of multiple characters, and it’s much more customizable in terms of individual character abilities.  Plus, I don’t want a fantasy first person shooter.  Or at least one from Bioware.  The Star Wars ones don’t count.

Bear in mind that I don’t want Mass Effect 3 to be a remake of Dragon Age, either.  Although a better map system would be nice.


  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    It seems more like DA2 will be a more action-y third person shooter – or, to put it a different way, DA2 will be a decidedly console game in a way that DAO, built as a PC game and ported to console, is not.

  • Matthew says:

    I agree. Everything that has come seems to point to DA2 being more of an action oriented game than DAO. I think what’s bothering me most of all is that DA2 will be significantly shorter than origins. What drew me back to rpg’s with Origins was the depth of dialog and roleplay opportunities. The DLC’s have been quite shallow in that regard and DA2 may be as well from all indications.

  • Duncan says:

    So… DA2 will be more in line with the style of the Elder Scrolls series?

    Not a bad thing, IMO.

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