#rsrh Handy reminder: Blue Dogs are yellow.

The Club for Growth (and I) would like to remind you: there is no such thing as a conservative Democratic politician.  The ones who pretend talk a great game, sure.  They know everything that needs to be said in order to keep voters who are still nostalgic for the Democratic party of their parents and grandparents.  But when it comes to actual policy votes they vote as their liberal leadership tells them to.  CfG checked the big economic votes: 100% voted for the Fannie & Freddie bailout.  63% for TARP.  91% for the ‘stimulus.’  85% for Cash-for-Clunkers. 74% for the 2009 Budget – and where’s the 2o10 one, again?  73% for the bailout of the auto industry.  Heck, even 54% for Obamacare.

And let’s not even START about PAYGO.  More like PAYGOGOAWAY: there’s not much point to a rule to a fiscal sanity rule that can be set aside at the drop of a hat, and invariably is.

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