#rsrh River in Egypt Watch, 10/06/2010.

This one is particularly good:

Don’t Blame Obama for the Enthusiasm Gap

Democratic voters have never been that thrilled about voting in midterm elections, and there isn’t much the president can do to change that.

They were kind of thrilled to do so in 2006, Sparky.  Ignore the raw percentage and note the fact that Democratic turnout exceeded Republican turnout that year; that translates to “Democrats got their voters thrilled about voting, and Republicans didn’t.”  So it can happen; all you need are competent tacticians and strategists running things.

Ah.  That’s the problem, right there*…

Moe Lane

*It takes time to take control of groups like the DNC; but the administration did so by… about this time last year.  Enjoying the results, Democrats?  – Because I am.

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