#rsrh Democratic Death Panel Watch: OH-01.

The New York Times reports that Steve Driehaus has had his DCCC advertising cut.  This more or less confirms his impending DOOM at the hands of Steve Chabot; but I want to note something else from the same article.  In it, local Democratic party chair Ed Good reports on OH-06 & OH-18 (two more districts where the NRCC is starting ad buys on behalf of the Republican challengers):

“They are going to try to pick off what they think is low-hanging fruit,” Mr. Good said. “But the only way Charlie [Wilson] or Zack [Space] can lose is if our party does not get out and vote.”

Yup.  The locals are playing the GOTV will save us! card, three weeks before the election.  Not a good sign for them; and the lack of any evidence that the DCCC will be matching the NRCC’s expenditures is an even worse one*…

Moe Lane

PS: Bill Johnson for OH-06; Bob Gibbs for OH-18.

*As it stands now, and if I understand the article correctly, the DCCC can allocate existing ad time to Space’s race.  If they don’t, then Ohio Democrats have even more of a problem than they do now, and right now they have a very bad problem.


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  • IJB says:

    The interesting thing about OH-01 is that the NRCC followed the DCCC’s pullout by pulling out of OH-01 themselves – I’m assuming the NRCC wouldn’t have pulled out too, unless they were certain Chabot has OH-01 in the bag.

    So, right now, OH-01 (and likely OH-15), CO-04, FL-24, and PA-03 are all seats widely acknowledged to be “GOP Pick Ups ‘In Waiting'”… 😉

  • NDPhog says:

    I live in Cincinnati (I am part of Jean Schmidt’s district, not OH-1), and I’ve only seen one commercial from Chabot and one from Driehaus in the last week. Chabot’s was on multiple times during college and NFL football this weekend. I saw my first Driehaus ad today at the gym. It was on during, I think, Price is Right (they have either CNN or Price is Right on next to a TV w/ ESPN). My point is, Driehaus is advertising at noon on a Tuesday and Chabot during SEC and NFL games. A different target audience and a different price point, I would suspect.

  • Lightwave says:

    Here in Ohio it’s game over for the Democrats. Marcy Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich will probably survive, but those are the two seats that will be redistricted out anyway.

    Sherrod Brown gets his in 2012. Entirely possible that Ohio will be a pure red state by then.

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