#rsrh Happy Anniversary, Mark Dayton!

Six years ago today, you closed your offices for a month and hid like a whipped dog because of the terrorist threat.

I’m reminded of this via Hot Air, and I’d like to make a comment of my own. You see, back in 2004 both I and my then-fiancee, now-wife worked in the DC area. My commute took me through a primary civilian target; her place of work was and is a primary military target.  Unlike yourself,  we did not have the luxury of being able to run and hide from a terrorist threat; we had to go do our jobs, every single day.  And even today, I still worry – just a little – about where my wife works, particularly when it comes to contemplating prevailing winds.

I note this not to boast of my family’s courage – it’s nothing special, really – but to make it clear just how precisely I despise your abject cowardice, Dayton.  I couldn’t come up with a better caricature of an antiwar Democratic politician than you if I tried.

Moe Lane

PS: Tom Emmer for Governor.

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