#rsrh The hint of Senate DOOM.

For one brief – very brief – moment this morning the RCP forecast for the Senate (based on the rolling polling average, no Toss-ups) was at +10 GOP.  It then dropped down to +8 and then stabilized at +9.  Which is where it’s been for the last couple of days.

In and of itself?  Meaningless.  The polling average mechanism is merely a data point, and one whose meaning is often argued – particularly now, three weeks before the election.  But it is three weeks before the election, and it is possible to argue with a straight face that the GOP has a chance at flipping the Senate.  There were damn few people out there even six months ago who thought that such a thing was possible, and even fewer that were even willing to admit to the possibility in public.

Twenty-one days.

Moe Lane

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