#rsrh QotD, You Need to Read the Jolt Edition.

Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt, that is.  If you subscribe, you get to read things like this:

Had CNN matched Spitzer with, say, Mark Steyn, at least we would have been treated to some amazing fireworks. Imagine:

Spitzer: . . . and that’s why I think Obama’s financial-reform proposal is a winner. Mark, what do you think?

Steyn: You treacherous, reptilian whoremonger, your foul diatribe spurs me to inch my chair further away from you, as I expect any moment now you will vomit forth a lie so reprehensible and toxic to the very metaphysical concept of Truth that God Himself will be moved to strike you with lightning.

…without his regular readers having to nag him to make it available to a wider world.

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