#rsrh ‘Big D*mn Heroes, sir.’

“…Ain’t… we…  just.”

WASHINGTON — Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell had $2.6 million in the bank on Sept. 30, twice as much as her Democratic opponent, Chris Coons.

The Tea Party Express-backed candidate, who shocked the nation with her primary victory over GOP Rep. Mike Castle, raised nearly $3.8 million from across the country between Aug. 26 and Sept. 30 and spent $1.2 million, according to a 956-page fundraising report she filed late Friday afternoon with the Senate Public Records office.

“Now cut her down.”
Oh, gimme a break: your really hardcore progressive hates Firefly anyway.  And a more damning accusation of utter lameness I would be hard-pressed to find.

Moe Lane

PS: Christine O’Donnell for Senate.


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