Barney Frank’s SO heckles Sean Bielat.

Via DaTechGuy and Fleming and Hayes comes forty-five seconds of amusement.  For those without video access, the video below shows Sean Bielat (Barney Frank’s challenger in MA-04) being (badly) heckled by an onlooker.

Turns out that said heckler was Frank’s SO James Ready, who you might remember from the pot bust thing, or perhaps the yelling at ophthalmologists thing.   Sean Bielat, of course, you know from the suddenly giving Barney Frank a real race for a change thing.

Now, I don’t mind that the Frank campaign is sending out people to heckle Bielat.  Part of the game.  I also don’t give a tinker’s dam that Barney Frank’s SO is a guy, either.  But what I do find funny is that if you were to take out the names and redo this story in terms of Candidate A has to send Significant Other out to heckle Candidate B because there’s nobody else to do it and asked a bystander which candidate was the challenger, he or she would probably say Candidate A.

This is how long-term incumbents lose, you know: they assume that they’re never going to need to keep a proper campaign staff, so when they turn out to need one they have to hastily improvise, often to unintentionally hilarious results.

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4 thoughts on “Barney Frank’s SO heckles Sean Bielat.”

  1. Kind of irrelevant in the general scheme of things, but it shows the level of desperation in the Barney Frank camp. The bottom line is that we need to restore some fiscal sanity to DC and support Sean Bielat. Please hit Sean’s “tip jar” at –the only advantage Barney has left is money.

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