#rsrh QotD, How Things Change Edition.

From RCP’s “As Democrats’ message lags, GOP awaits huge wins:”

To gain the Senate majority, Republicans must hold all 18 of their seats on this year’s ballots while picking up 10 of the 19 Democratic seats. It’s a tough task, but not inconceivable.

No!  Really?  Funny, but I’ve been told for the last two years that taking seriously the very idea of retaking the Senate in 2010 was enough to justify a 48 hour observation period in your psychiatric ward of choice.  Mind you, I was told the same thing about retaking the House, although people stopped mocking that life goal a heck of a lot earlier in the election cycle.

Not to be a provocateur or anything, but the Democrats are going to have to have a long, long, long internal talk with themselves, starting November 3rd.  One hopes that it won’t involve knives…

Moe Lane


  • Rob Crawford says:

    You realize that they’ve already set up multiple explanations for their loss? Voter suppression, foreign money “buying” the election, “the voters are idiots/children/not paying attention” — one or all of these will be latched onto in order to avoid the type of internal debate you’re suggesting.

  • Jeff Weimer says:

    One hopes that it won’t involve knives…

    I don’t know about you, but this one does. Less folks available to rebuild, you see.

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