Not *quite* as impressive as it looks…

…watch the feet. Specifically, the range of motion back and forth, as well as side to side. Still, they did some really good work there on the balancing (sayeth the husband of a roboticist, mind you).

Via Hot Air Headlines.


  • Rob Crawford says:


    OK, it’s creepy, but it is Japanese, and I think their constitution requires that, but it’s technically impressive. Imagine what another five years will add.

  • Jeff Weimer says:

    They did an unbelievably good work on the balancing. Enough for me to call “fiddlesticks!” There’s a person under there.

  • Skip says:

    Yeah, that’s definitely in uncanny valley area there I’d have to say. I agree on the creepiness.

  • Matthew says:

    The hands look off, somehow. Not just in the lack of motion, but in proportion. Definitely uncanny valley stuff for the whole of it.

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