#rsrh Get your Barney Frank bribe money in early!

A colleague of mine pointed out an interesting wrinkle in this stunning news that Rep. Barney Frank (D, MA-04) has actually loaned his campaign $200K – which is, by the way, not the sign of a confident campaign – to wit, that the next 200K that Barney Frank raises goes back to him.  Not the campaign; him.

Ever want to buy a chairman of the House Financial Services Committee?  Now’s your chance!  And it’s a fire sale, folks: whether or not Barney keeps his job as Congressman in November, he’s not exactly expecting to be the Financial Chair after January.  So if you want to make a deal, now’s the time…

Moe Lane

PS: Or you could donate to Sean Bielat.  OK, so they’re not exactly trying to draw from the same financial sources.

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  • I live out of state but have given to Sean’s campaign. I think his last thrust of ads s/b Why MASS. Should vote FOR him and make a stark comparison. Choose to go over the cliff or choose to sustain our future.

    I am also praying, not for Sean, but for the electorate to open their eyes and drop their selfishness. Sean is the common sense candidate. Besides he owes no special groups, but Barney does cuz they gave him money. Also show how much of Barney’s money comes from out of state.

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