#rsrh George Clooney Bono’ed?

Apparently so:

For those without video, the above is George Clooney politely telling Bill Maher – who, by the way, was almost-accurately described by Jim Treacher as being what happens when you cross “Johnny Carson with Lord Haw-Haw and dipped the result in a vat of gonorrhea*” – that in point of fact the Right has been better than the Left when it comes to Darfur relief. Which is, by the way, perfectly accurate: after all, your average Lefty activist and/or politician is militantly indifferent to the plight of any racial and/or cultural demographic that can’t cast a ballot in the next election.

But I digress. Anyway, I don’t expect that Clooney’s seen the light about the Right; I’m sure that he’s still heavy-liberal, in that special Hollywood way that they have over there. But he does seem to have grasped the same concept about humanitarian activism that U2’s Bono has: which is that if you go to conservatives, politely ask for their help, say ‘please,’ and – this is the important thing – don’t scream in their about how they’re a bunch of Nazi fascist pig-dogs; well, then. It’s all ‘Let me get my checkbook out’ and ‘Did you want us to do a press conference?’ and ‘By the way, you were great in O Brother, Where Art Thou?**.’

Crazy, huh?

(H/T: Instapundit)

Moe Lane

*Almost accurate because Johnny Carson was a gentleman, and I’m reasonably sure that when Bill Maher hears or says ‘gentleman’ he reflexively adds a fourth syllable between the first two.

**Which he was. Great movie, great soundtrack.

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  • Demosthenes says:

    Yeah…I s’pose it’s nice that he has woken up to conservatives actually caring about helping people (unlike Maher, whose whole “empathy” comment just indicates how much cognitive dissonance his mind can tolerate). However, it’ll take a lot more than this for me to forgive, let alone forget, about his Charlton Heston crack.

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