#rsrh QotD, Not Quite Far Enough edition.

Jason Riley of The Wall Street Journal, on why the NAACP is so concerned with the Tea Party (a group which is even now working  to elect African-Americans to Congress – and in heavily-white districts, too*):

It’s hard to understand how an organization that says it’s devoted to “end[ing] racial disparities” finds the time to rail against tea-party populism until you grasp that the NAACP is, first and foremost, a Democratic Party organ. The NAACP is pretending that the tea party threatens the interests of blacks because the tea party in fact threatens the interests of the Democratic left. The civil rights leadership wants to discredit the movement for political reasons. And unfortunately, this partisan agenda takes priority over the many issues of consequence that confront blacks today.

[It was suggested, pre-publication, that the paragraph that was here before was just the slightest bit inflammatory – and to a point where the sheer force from the screams of outrage would probably perturb Earth’s orbit.  I’ll thus just all of you work out for yourselves my opinion of the current motivations of the National Association for the Advancement of the Democratic Party.  Hmm.  “NAADP.”  Kind of catchy.]

Moe Lane

*The ones that immediately come to mind:

Tim Scott, SC-01
Allen West, FL-22
Charles Lollar, MD-05
Ryan Frazier, CO-07

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