#rsrh The Last Days of the Land of Smug.

Jeff Jacoby has had it up to here with these people:

THE HILLS are alive with the sound of liberal Democratic contempt for the electorate. So are the valleys, the prairies, and the coasts. For months, voters have been signaling their discontent with the president, his party, and their priorities; in less than a week, they appear poised to deliver a stinging rebuke. Yet rather than address the voters’ concerns with seriousness and respect, too many Democrats and their allies on the left have chosen instead to slur those voters as stupid, extremist, or too scared to think straight.

Personally, this sort of behavior by my political enemies is a great comfort to me.  I shouldn’t have to explain why – it should be blatantly obvious – but it will be interesting to see the aftermath of next Tuesday.  I expect that there will be the usual mix of We need to be more progressive! and Americans suck! and The GOP stole the elections! and We won these three, four races, so we really came out ahead anyway, so laugh with me at the Republicans, DAMN YOU LAUGH WITH ME AT THE REPUBLICANS!*: whether or not there’s a grown-up response will be largely dependent on whether the Democrats can find some and put them in leadership roles.

Hey, it could happen.

Moe Lane

*One of my favorites.

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