#rsrh Democrats Co-opt Stewart/Colbert Infotainment Event.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) Well, they always had planned to do that  (which wasn’t exactly the best-kept secret in the world), but now it’s kind of obvious.  This is, in fact, turning into the Great Democratic Hope of 2010: the goal is to convert that potent, potent force known as the ‘youth vote’ into a mighty hammer of civic engagement that will keep in office… the political party that is responsible for roughly one in five of them currently being out of work.

But OfA is planning a phone bank for right afterward!  Personally, I’d have waited an hour or two to give all those volunteering livers a chance to metabolize the ethyl alcohol that will undoubtedly be consumed on Saturday, but don’t mind me, grasshoppers.

Moe Lane

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  • Brad S says:

    Now, now. I’ve been looking forward to one of those good kids drunk-dialing me and asking me to support Michael Bennet.

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