#rsrh Definition of ‘silly.’

No, it’s not offering political advice when you’re somebody who got shellacked 520 to 17 in the Electoral College running against a post-Watergate Richard Nixon.  No, it’s expecting anybody to take that advice.

Moe Lane

PS: Sorry, let me summarize the article:  Reagan ungood! Bush-Cheney doubleplusungood! Afghanistan scary! Elect Democrats!  This, I command!

Sorry.  It’s just that… have you ever noticed that, once Republican Presidents and Presidential candidates are done, they tend to go home and stop nagging people?  Which is something that you don’t see too much with Democratic ones: Clinton’s not so bad, but ye gods and little fishes, you’d think that McGovern, Carter, Mondale, and Gore would have taken the hint that we didn’t want them running things any more.


  • Murgatroyd says:

    Have you ever noticed that immediately after elections in which left-wing candidates get stomped into the ground and their platforms massively repudiated by the voters, the defeated lefties and their media minions start writing opinion pieces about how winners “must” adopt the policies of the left?

    Watch for that word “must” in op-ed page headlines over the next few weeks. You won’t be disappointed.

  • matt says:

    I disagre, most of the Republicians stay in the public eye as well and push their on views too.

  • Moe_Lane says:

    Yes, Matt, but the Republican Presidents generally don’t nag or lecture the rest of us. Admittedly, Carter is so aggravating in that regard that he’s bringing the average up all on his own, but still.

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