#rsrh A reason to drink in DC.

Watching Democratic soon to be ex-staffers try to come to grips with this marvelous economy that they’ve given the rest of us should be quite entertaining.

The Great Shellacking of 2010 will throw more than 2,000 Democratic congressional staffers out of their jobs.

Mind you, Erick Erickson over at RedState had some pointers for them.  Note the time stamp: this situation really shouldn’t have been a surprise to anybody.

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Moe Lane


  • Addison says:

    (1) The idea that people need a reason to drink in DC is ridiculous.

    (2) Ok, so ~60 House Dems lost, and 6 Senate Dems, right? That’s ~66. 2000 staffers divided by 66 members = ~30. Now legislating is, I’m sure, a complicated business. There are many issues and they all go 1,000 miles deep. But most of these people don’t even read the bills! And most laws, whoever’s in charge, seem written by lobbyists anyway. What does a member of Congress need 30 (apparently partisan, since they’re booted out when the member changes) staffers for? Shouldn’t they all be informed about everything if they’ve each got half a think tank working for them?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      You don’t live in DC, do you? You can’t throw a rock in this town without hitting three legislative assistants and a senior staffer.

      And for some reason, this does not lead to more rocks being thrown.

  • Addison says:

    I feel, as a constituent, that I cannot possibly be getting 90 staffers (2 Senators and a Representative) worth of value. I bet some staffers are good folks and worthwhile, but something tells me a lot are ladder climbers who are less interested in serving their constituents (do they even realize they have constituents?) than in drunkenly getting through the indignity of having to deal with voters so they can get to some ivory tower somewhere. Maybe I’m off base?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Don’t look at me, Addison: I despise DC. About the only thing that you can say about these people is that at least they’re not back in their old districts being annoying.

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