#rsrh Dealing with a bear.

I don’t know whether this guy has nerves of steel, or is just a really good actor: I suspect that the former, judging from the lack of panicked gusts of breath or shaky camera footage.  Either way, impressive.

Mind you – and no offense to Joy – but even a black bear is unpredictable. Sometimes it wants to say ‘Hi’ and have a beer. Sometimes it wants to rip your face off. Sometimes it wants to rip your face off, then say ‘Hi’ and have a beer. Because it’s a bear.

Moe Lane

PS: Always a good excuse to repost this one.


  • Jack Savage says:

    He probably was relying on a loaded rifle more than nerves of steel. I wouldn’t have let the bear come up that far though, I admit, because as black bears go that one was rather large.

  • Finrod says:

    There’s a great quote from the very first episode of the Showtime show Weeds (which I watched at first but lost interest in):

    “You can’t miss the bear!”

    Kind of like the old saying that alcohol is evil because it makes you shoot at tax collectors and miss.

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