I’m getting tired of having to drop webcomics…

…because their authors’ have decided to use Twitter to say all the filthy political stuff that they don’t dare say on their front page.

And I liked Questionable Content, too.  but I’m not going to pretend that it’s proper to make jokes about anally raping female conservative politicians.


  • And this is why I actively disconnect myself from the personal politics / Twitter accounts from webcomic artists. It’s full of stupid, political drivel that I just don’t ever want to hear.

  • BigGator5 says:

    Wish I could draw. I’d make a webcomic.

  • Skip says:

    In fact, Moe, the inability to draw has probably made the greatest webcomic of all time, xkcd, better.

    I have a similar problem when I add SF author’s blogs to my rss list. Like Frederick Pohl, for example. He mostly just blogs about the good old days, and those posts are awesome – and then he’ll do a few posts where you realize he’s just another unhappy, bitter, old lefty angry at the world.

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