#rsrh CREW linked to Democratic moneybags.

An amusing sighting at this week’s oh-boy-we-got-shellacked three-day gathering of influential Democratic, liberal, and progressive policy groups:

And on Tuesday, representatives from some of those groups and others mingled with donors before a panel about how the political landscape will affect economic policy, which featured [AFL-CIO president Dick] Trumka.

Melanie Sloan, executive director of the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, talked with [Democratic donor Bill] Budinger. According to tax records analyzed by the conservative Capital Research Center, Budinger’s family’s foundation in 2007 contributed $100,000 to the White House-allied Center for American Progress, one of the Democracy Alliance’s earliest beneficiaries.

Sloan did not respond to questions about her participation in the meeting.

Then again, what can she say? “Yeah, CREW is a shill for the American Left. We do the bare minimum of pro forma other-side investigations to make people think that we’re impartial; but, really, we want Democrats to win.” Doesn’t quite fit their public persona, really.

Moe Lane

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