#rsrh White powder sent to Dancing With the Stars.

And I had a nice, snarky comment all lined about the Left’s bizarre mass-stalking of Bristol Palin, too.  Little did I realize that somebody actually is stalking the woman.

Law enforcement sources tell us a powder substance was discovered by a member of the “Dancing” staff … and sources connected to the show tell us a section of the studio containing “Dancing” offices was evacuated.

Multiple sources connected to the situation tell us the powder was contained in a piece of fan mail addressed to Bristol Palin.

Marvelous.  And you realize, of course, that the instigators of whoever did that will refuse to accept that they may be just a little too publicly unhinged about their objections to THAT WOMAN and her family.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, yes, yes, Bristol might not have been the target.  And some random person or persons just HAPPENED to try to burn down Sarah Palin’s old church back in 2008 (with women and children inside).  In other words, pull the other one; it has bells on.

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  • Demosthenes says:

    It must have been all those icky conservatives. Sending “fake white powder” to make it look like Bristol Palin was being targeted, just to throw a television variety competition for B-list celebrities into mass panic, sounds EXACTLY like their M.O. Plus, let’s not forget, they’re always the ones who are committing acts of public violence like staging one-man assaults on the Discovery Channel and flying their planes into IRS buildings.

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