So, KOTOR II fell into my shopping cart.

Craziest thing, really: didn’t notice until I was home, too. And it seems like such a drag to return it and everything. Guess that I’ll have to keep it, then.

So the question I’m asking is, am I going to regret installing¬† Knights of the Old Republic 2 and firing it up prior to the end of Thanksgiving weekend? It’s a bit of a puzzler.

3 thoughts on “So, KOTOR II fell into my shopping cart.”

  1. You might want to download whatever patches they may have. This is one of those game that had a hard publish date and was release waaaaaay before its time. Not sure if they actually fixed all of the complaints that the gamers had against it.

  2. I haven’t heard of any of the “finishing” projects actually delivering. As to your question, yes, you will regret it in the most wonderful way. KotOR II has an odd place with me. What it had was pretty good, but the gaping holes in the execution of the storytelling make it my number 1 “I wish this had been finished” game.

    On a side note, Krea will either annoy you to no end, or feel like a fresh personality in a world that gets caught up in Light Side vs Dark Side. She’s Jolee Bindo to the nth degree. It was nice of the folks in charge of the myth to allow a little divergence and variety, even if we only ever get it in the video games.

  3. Agree with the first two – it was shipped about a year early, and it shows, badly. I think some of the worst stuff was fixed in patches, but by no means all. As I recall you’ll regularly end up partially down plot paths that just…stop.

    Oh, I see that the Deus Ex collection is $5 today on Steam – those are well worth playing if you haven’t.

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