#rsrh O’Donnell’s million.

I’ll be honest. I don’t really know the reason why Christine O’Donnell has a million dollars left in her war chest, and I don’t really much care.  Truly, I do not.  I can think of three legitimate, innocent, rational reasons for that money being there, and there are probably more.

But I’ll say this: I can come up with five to ten good, worthy House candidates that could have used a share of that money.

Moe Lane

One thought on “#rsrh O’Donnell’s million.”

  1. Yup. And, you know, if Karl Rove hadn’t had his Fox News meltdown, and if the unnamed staffer on the NRSC hadn’t immediately thrown her under the bus, until sometime the next day Cornyn had to walk that back, and if the Party establishment hadn’t spent so much time working against her a lot of that money probably would have gone to other candidates.

    I know some of it would – $100 of that money came from me. Well, since she spent 6/7 of the money she raised, I guess about $14 of the leftovers is from me. And I had a specific budget for political donations this cycle after having spent half a year unemployed due to the Obama economy in 2010. So my $100 would have gone somewhere else, had there not been the pure snideness from certain parties right after the primaries.

    So I’m just saying, there’s more to blame here than O’Donnell.

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