#rsrh Sen Gregg gets one last lick in.

(Via Hot Air) You think that Senator Gregg is maybe just a little bit ticked with the administration for that entire fiasco wrt being Secretary of Commerce*?

Could be, could be. Video summary: Gregg carefully pushed back on Andrea Mitchell’s agitprop that the looming Democratic tax hike was justified, noted that the long term solution to our problem involves SPENDING LESS MONEY, gently reminded all and sundry that it’s not the government’s money in the first place, and genially suggested that rich people who don’t mind paying more taxes should feel free to have a check cut.

Not bad for two minutes.

Moe Lane

*OK, let me expand on this just a little: this sort of thing is why you don’t make political enemies when you don’t have to.  It’s traditional these days to stick an opposite-party member in your Cabinet somewhere (it makes you look bipartisan); and it’s also traditional to make sure that the person is not too opposite-party, lest your own base grumbles too loudly.  However, once you make your pick you absolutely must stand by it, because if you do not then you look worse than if you had never made the pick to begin with.  The President wasted no time in making a lot of unnecessary enemies in Washington in 2009; and he made the wrong kind of enemies, too.

And it costs him a little bit more goodwill and support every day.

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