#rsrh QotD, Hot Air edition.

Allahpundit, on the, ah, surprising press conference today – and how it was a bit of a surprise to the White House staff, too:

Say what you will about Axe, Gibbsy, and the rest of the crew, but Iā€™d like to think they have the basic political common sense to avoid photo ops where the president has to skip out after a minute or two to go eat gingerbread cookies.

I should also like to note for the record that while it is certainly possible that Obama is playing 13th-dimensional chess here, it is also certainly possible that he’s merely flailing about both ineffectually, and amusingly.Ā  Given that I’ve never been particularly impressed with the President’s ability to lead people who weren’t inclined to follow him blindly, you can guess which possibility I’m going with.

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