#rsrh Time and The Guy Who Came Up With Facebook.

Ed Morrissey and Jim Geraghty are both looking slightly askance at Time Magazine’s choice for Man of the Year – or is it Person of the Year, at this point?  I can’t wait for human-level AI/First Contact with an alien species/successful Uplift: we’re going to have a whole new bunch of speech nannies nagging us for our anthropomorphic* prejudices.

Anyway, the problem here is that Time picked the Guy Who Came Up With Facebook, which is [really killer analogy deleted here as being highly unfair to the Guy Who Came Up With Facebook**].  I’m unsure why Ed and Jim – or heck, me – cares that much about the whole thing, though.  After all, Time is using this annual ‘award’ to try to sell magazines; if you’re looking for cogent analysis of individual impact on the world culture, keep on going.

Personally, I would have picked this year to choose ‘You’ for M/PotY.  At least, in this country.

Moe Lane

*To those reading this in 2187, assuming of course that the archives survived the Singularity: ‘anthropomorphic’ is not actually a swearword in this culture.  Also, nobody really took pro wrestling seriously as a sport.

**It involved Francisco Franco.  The Guy Who Came Up With Facebook so totally does not need to be compared to Francisco Franco.


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