#rsrh Omnibus/Tea Party/Schoolhouse Rock.

(Via Glenn Reynolds) The Foundry’s Conn Connell notes an interesting coincidence: yesterday’s abandonment of the Democrats’ last-gasp omnibus bill was also the anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party*.  Which has no real deeper meaning, in the greater scheme of things: except that it’s giving me an excuse to put up the video below.

Especially since I know that a certain category of my political opponents absolutely hates that video, usually with a certain amount of baffled bewilderment mixed in.

Moe Lane

*Which, by the way, took place in 1773.  I mention this because, well, we’ve had occasions where some folks on the Other Side had a little trouble with getting the date right.

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  • Finrod says:

    Man, now I’m going to have to dig out my cd from the 1990s of various bands covering Schoolhouse Rock songs; I’m particularly partial to Blind Melon’s _Three Is A Magic Number_.

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