I’m cringing from a White Christmas…

The news is so bad that I’m afraid to check it: Jim Geraghty notes – idly! With very little visible dread! – in his Daily Jolt that we might be seeing snow for Christmas down here in MD/DC.

God help us – more accurately, God help me, because I have to deal with everybody else in the area.  Three flakes of FALLING FROZEN SKY-WATER OF DOOM!!!!! and everybody freaks out.  Seriously: last week we got… maybe half an inch of snow.  Not enough to completely cover the grass, which is my usual rule of thumb for serious snow.  In NJ that’s a slight treat for kids – they can get some snowball time in – but otherwise not worth mentioning.  In MD that’s an excuse for a two hour school delayed opening the next day.

It’s bad when a guy from coastal NJ can mock an area for its snow savvy…

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  • Cameron says:

    I move from California, where the slightest bit of the dreaded skywater sends drivers into a blind pani to Maryland, where frozen skywater does the same.

    So I’ll join in the mockery as well.

  • Christine says:

    In North Carolina, 1/2 inch would close the schools for two days…and parents would still be calling the newspapers and the superintendent, complaining that they didn’t do something right (closed too late, didn’t close the 3rd day, etc etc etc)…

    In fairness, we often get ice instead of snow. Ice is evil.

  • qixlqatl says:

    Hah, you should see the insanity here in mid-Georgia when three flakes of snow fall…. Suddenly, EVERYONE discovers that they have life or death errands that MUST BE COMPLETED RIGHT NOW before the “FALLING FROZEN SKY-WATER OF DOOM” (love that bit, Moe) ends life as we know it…

  • Brian Swisher says:

    Same problem here in Portland OR…I find that an awful lot of folks here are weather wimps. I may have grown up in L.A. but I spent four years living in Susanville, where, if you didn’t learn how to drive in ice and snow, you didn’t go anywhere in the winter…

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