#rsrh DHS on the job 24/7, 364 days a year!

At least, DHS is on the job 24/7/364 according to Secretary Janet Napolitano, who did not mention what happens on the other day. Hot Air and Mediate have both speculated on which day is apparently the mulligan:

On the one hand: a meaningless mistake. On the other hand: a highly symbolic and distressingly familiar type of mistake. On the gripping hand: live by the hyper-critical word parsing, die by the hyper-critical word parsing, ye Left. As you can imagine, my sympathies are… muted.

Moe Lane

PS: Stupid question time: is Dianne Sawyer actually treating these people with barely-concealed contempt? If not… then why not?

PPS: I’m pretty sure that appointing Janet Napolitano DHS Secretary killed the DREAM Act. I assume that if she hadn’t taken the job, then as Governor she would have vetoed SB 1070 (assuming that the Arizona legislature would have bothered to even pass it). Absent that entire easily-prevented PR disaster for the Democrats, the leadership probably wouldn’t have lost the five Senators that they needed to get cloture.

Funny old world, huh?


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