#rsrh QotD, Lame Duck is Over Edition.

Jennifer Rubin, on the curious way that people seem determined to score a month of the Democrats running into a wall on last-minute spending as a victory for… Democrats:

Only inside the Beltway could the passage of an arms control treaty and repeal of DADT consume so many for so long and result in such exaggerated punditry. Would Republicans have traded wins on DADT and START for their wins on the DREAM act, the tax deal and the omnibus spending bill? Not in a million years.

I had a bit of a screed here originally about how (past) elections have consequences, how practical difficulties with being this far in the minority cannot be completely ameliorated with sufficient outside willpower, and how Life Is Not Fair, So Suck It Up, Already; but then I realized that the people who needed to hear it are largely the people who do not want to hear it, and that the people prepared to listen are probably the people who already know.  So I will instead suggest that if you honestly don’t like the size of the pie that the GOP baked for you – a pie made out of a prevention of a back door amnesty; the ability to dictate the second half of this year’s budget; and the spectacle of the President being forced to break his party’s most fundamental campaign promise on taxation – then I politely suggest that you call up your local Republican group, and sign up for kitchen detail.  They’ll be happy for the help.

No, seriously.  We have come to a point where mere kibitzing is no longer acceptable, if indeed it ever was.  If you don’t like the way the Republican party is going, join it and fix it.  If you don’t want to do that, kindly shut up: you’re only threatening to distract the people who are doing something useful with their time.

Moe Lane

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