#rsrh Girding thy loins.

I mostly plan to take it easy today, but this Politico article is too amusing to pass up.  The author is just a little too surprised to discover that when conservatives said that they were planning to start the new Congress with the political equivalent of gunkata, at least some of them meant it.  As usual, Politico is banging the ‘centrist’ and ‘bipartisan’ drum in response… I hate to break it to the Left, but we over here noticed a while back that this is the usual gambit we hear when Democrats are losing (when they’re winning, of course, we’re all extremists over here on the Right).  Honestly, these guys need to update their rhetoric.

Best was this, written with no appreciable irony:

Liberals are gearing up, too, ready to defend Obama when he takes up their causes and to treat him as a traitor when he embraces Republicans.

Works for me.  I always like to hear it when the Other Side trumpets their lack of any sense of basic loyalty.  Seriously, this is incredibly counterproductive: if you don’t believe me, go watch again the gunkata video linked above.  Notice how the bad guys keep fighting the good guy one at a time?  And notice how they all swiftly die, one at a time?  Three minions stepping back and delivering overlapping fields of fire would have made Equilibrium a very short movie…

Moe Lane


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