I can still think that “Batman, Incorporated…”

…is kind of goofball, right?  I mean, I got no quarrel with Randy’s take on the French Muslim Batman of Paris (sounds like a modern art painting title), but the idea of franchising the Caped Crusader seems a bit… weird.

Mind you, I don’t currently buy Batman comics, so I can probably be safely ignored anyway.

One thought on “I can still think that “Batman, Incorporated…””

  1. Think of it this way…unlike Superman or Green Lantern, Batman really is just a human at peak physical condition with some toys. He can’t fly between London and California in the blink of an eye, he has to fly like the rest of us schmucks. That being said, the Bat is an internationally recognized symbol, both among those who are fans of the caped crusader and those who fear it. Having that Batman symbol appear world wide not only helps deter crime but adds an almost mythological element in underground about the already cloaked Cape and Cowl. The underground element talks, and when they hear that Batman is every where, more myths (like the rumor that he was a man-sized bat) will spread, scaring more and more baddies.

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